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Your Business is Important!


At JLS, we understand how important your time and business are to you, and we will do our best to return your quote quickly.


In order to eliminate delays, please provide the following information with your request:

Design services 

Please provide the following:

  • Circuit design (Schematic, Mechanical drawing)

  • Design constraints (sizing, # layers, materials)

  • Special instructions

Order Quantities

  • Quantities and dates required​

  • Shipping and delivery information

Turnkey solutions

Please indicate if you would like to would like JLS to source components.


  • ​Complete BOM (excel or text)

  • Not-fitted list of parts

  • Complete Gerbers including Paste mask

  • Indicate chemistry required

  • Centroid data (PNP)

  • Special instructions

PCB Manufacturing

  • ODB++ if available

  • Gerbers

  • NC Drill program

  • Stackup

  • Impedance requirements

  • RoHS / Non-RoHS

  • Via size

  • Blind and buried vias

  • Routing requirements

Programming / Testing​

  • Use of customer test jig for circuit testing

  • Testing procedures

Preparing and sending your files

Security and confidentiality of your data is important to JLS. 

We recommend taking the following steps to secure your data:

Step 1

Secure your files by encrypting them with a password into a compressed file (Arc, Zip, Cab).

Step 2

Email your encrypted file to with the subject RFQ and board#. Please include your contact information.

Step 3

Call or send a separate email the password for your encrypted file.

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